About us


Our vision is to create a world where your passion and flair align perfectly with the job skills an employer is seeking. Our advanced AI enabled mentorship revolutionize the way a freshmans affinity is harnessed and verified, thus making employability fun and his lifelong career truly rewarding.


Our mission is to create the simplest and best three-way marketplace for our three stakeholder:
1. Aspirants and Students
2. Trainers and Mentors
3. Employers and Entrepreneurs
With an aim to facilitate connections and ensure zero mis-hires while selecting a freshman for Internship.


Our philosophy is rooted in the concept of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) concerning the 'Future of Work.' We believe that employability begins with self-evaluation, which, in turn, leads to self-inspiration. This self-inspiration guides an individual in discovering new passions, enabling them to master valuable skills. The practical application of these newly acquired skills prepares the individual for a lifelong journey of learning and applying this knowledge in their workplace.

The Platform

The Digitalgate is a digital platform, and has 3 stake holders 1. Aspirants - graduate job seeker 2. Employers - Job and Intership giver and 3. Mentors - Trainer and Testing professionals .
Our proprietary Aspirant Cloud is designed to not only identify but also nurture the inherent skills of the global youth. Through this cloud-based interface, young professionals are mentored by industry veterans, ensuring they are equipped with the know-how and confidence to step into the professional world.
Understanding the rapidly evolving digital landscape, we emphasize upskilling in pivotal areas: from the intricacies of cybersecurity to the complexities of supply chain management, the nuances of legal frameworks, and the vast expanse of finance.
But our commitment doesnt end there. In a world where practical experience often speaks louder than words, we provide internship opportunities, granting aspiring professionals a firsthand taste of the industry they wish to be part of and are passionate to build a future.
Our Mentors are Subject Matter experts who are employed on behalf of our employees to Test the Aspirants.
Our Employers are from all sectors of the industry who want a vetted graduate employable from day 1.

The Team

The digital gate is founded by veterans from the industry and academia. With years of experience in Training, HR, IT , Cybersecurity and Construction

Commitment to UNSDG

We are a platform to promote employability for all and to power inclusivity.