Revolutionizing Graduate Employability: Gamification and Generative AI

As the job market worldwide faces a severe talent shortage, the industry-academia bridging is not happening, leaving fresh graduates with few employability opportunities. Our solution is to use gamification and generative AI to simulate their workplace using metaverse technology. We will make them interact with digital twins of equipment and test their knowledge through quizzes and gamified tasks. An aggregated score will then be sent to respective employers, ensuring that suitable candidates are highlighted.

The Challenge of Hiring Fresh Graduates

"Fresh graduates need practical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving ability to succeed in the global job market. However, with a lack of on-the-ground experience, they often fall short despite their academic achievements. This gap in experience leaves would-be employers with limited options for finding suitable candidates."

Utilizing Metaverse for Workplace Simulation

The Metaverse Advantage

Using metaverse technology, we can create digitally simulated work environments and replicate real-world scenarios. This can help bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring fresh graduates have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and competencies by learning through experience.

Realistic Workplace Immersion

Metaverse technology can allow fresh graduates to interact with digital twins of equipment and environments that are similar to what they may experience in the real world. This simulated environment helps them to understand how to work with the real equipment effectively and increase their hands-on experience.

Interacting with Digital Twins of E quipment




Helps with understanding equipment operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting


Allows the candidates to understand the use of equipment in different scenarios.


Provides a risk-free environment for testing equipment use and failure recovery.

Testing Knowledge Through Quizzes and Gamified Tasks

1. The Quiz Advantage

Assessing potential candidates through online quizzes, true/false questions and multiple-choice questions are more often used by organizations to recruit fresh graduates. This can eliminate the subjective element of testing and produce quantifiable results.

2. Gamified Tasks

Gamified tasks add a level of fun and engagement to the process of testing fresh graduates. These tasks can help candidates to show their practical level or on-the-job decision-making abilities, which are essential skills needed to succeed in the job market.

Aggregated Score for Employers

An aggregated score of the candidates' workplace simulation and quiz results will benefit employers in making a quantifiable decision regarding the selection of candidates quickly.

Employers can additionally use interview scorecards to rank candidates' skills, personality, and communication abilities.


Gone are the days of simply submitting a CV and waiting for an interview. Our solution provides fresh graduates with real-life experience that opens more employability opportunities. Our approach ensures that employers have quantifiable data regarding the candidate's skills and abilities. It is now up to employers to take this data and learn more about the candidates in question with an interview and practical testing. Together we are improving the industry-academia bridging.